+ABOUT ME I am an Italian Wardrobe Stylist and Costume Designer with 12+ years professional experience in styling fashion editorials, commercial advertising, and celebrity clientele, as well as designing costumes for the film and television industry.

I grew up between Italy and Southern California: consequently my work is informed by both classical and modern concepts.  My years in Europe have influenced the way I create looks, infusing them with a chic, elevated, effortless style.

In my costuming work I’ve fit hundreds of people of all shapes and sizes in every imaginable period and style.  This experience translates into a deep understanding of how to dress and flatter every body type, helping people feel their best and most confident selves.

Fluent in both fashion history and current trends, I construct lasting looks while incorporating fresh elements. I love playing with silhouette and proportions to create a compelling and dynamic style.  

With a focus on timeless, versatile essentials, I will help you build a functional, contemporary wardrobe that best reflects you and your lifestyle.